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The Nautilus - Coming April 2021

Yup - that's right... The Nautilus is shipping up to Boston's Seaport District, Pier 4 to be exact, and will be open for business this coming April, 2021. Just in time to chuck those masks off (well only if Fauci says it's okay) and party like its... well any year before 2020 I guess.

Located on Boston’s scenic waterfront where the iconic Anthony’s Pier 4 once stood, Nautilus Pier 4 will transport guests to Nantucket while in Boston’s bustling Seaport District. Sister to the popular island restaurant, and with the founding team of Chef Liam Mackey, Barman Clinton Terry, & Wine Guru Stephen Bowler in tact, Nautilus Pier 4 will be open-year round for lunch and dinner, offering Executive Chef Stephen Marcaurelle’s variation of the award-winning menu in tandem with the energetic atmosphere that defines the restaurant group.

In bringing The Nautilus to Boston, the team kept consistent the electric spirit that makes the Nantucket restaurant special, while also elevating The Nautilus experience even further at the new location. Nautilus Pier 4 takes advantage of the location’s physical proximity to the water, as well as its size and layout to create an endless number of ways for guests to engage with the restaurant and each other.

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